The Noblesse Oblige Kingdom of Loathing Calendar

Welcome to the Noblesse Oblige Kingdom of Loathing calendar! This calendar is your one-stop source of information for all of your calendar-related Kingdom of Loathing needs.

Using the Calendar

On the left side is a display of the current month. The current date is highlighted in black. Stat days and holidays are indicated by little icons in the calendar boxes. To change the month being displayed, click the back or forward links in the lower-left and lower-right corners.

On the right side is a large amount of information about the current date. To display information about a different date, merely click on the appropriate box in the calendar. The displayed information includes:

Naturally, information such as the Daily Dungeon, clovers, and so forth is not available for dates in the future, or for dates before the beginning of our data collection (April 25, 2006).

Customizing the Calendar Display

If you don't like the icons used for the display of stat days, you can change them! Click the "Customize Icons" button, and choose which icons you want to be displayed for Muscle, Mysticality, and Moxie days. The "Icons" radio button will use the default set of icons, while the "Text" radio button will display the stat days in text. (Your customization will be saved in a cookie; if you do not have cookies allowed, your customization will only apply until you leave the page.)

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the calendar update?
The calendar updates at 8:00 Pacific Standard Time and 9:00 Pacific Daylight Time. On Saturdays, the update is delayed by one hour in order to compensate for the long rollover. If rollover runs long or there is exceptional lag when the calendar updates, the update might be delayed by a few minutes, so don't panic if it's 8:05 and the calendar hasn't updated yet. If it's been a while since rollover, though, you might want to drop me (Ragnok) a message.

Why hasn't my birthday shown up? I just submitted it!
The birthday list is only updated once per day, when the calendar updates (see above). Please wait until then.

Does the calendar need any donations?
No, running the calendarbot doesn't take any meat, so it doesn't need anything much to keep going. If you're interested in donating to Noblesse Oblige projects, consider supporting the Noblesse Oblige buffbot.

Known Issues

There are a few issues with the calendar which we know about:

Contacting Us

To report bugs, offer suggestions, or whatever else, send a kmail to Ragnok (#49653).


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