Log of Random Clueness Newbie of Randomness

Decide for yourself why in world he try to tell Bashy "secrets" about Jick and Skullhead that actually completely wrong and backwardassed, and that he heard through the grape-flavored vine of idiocy!
DISSED CLAIMER: Do NOT ever be messaging Jick or Skullhead. They am already buried daily in idiocy. That am kind of point of log of this -- it am joke not meant to be seriously. It am very saddening to having to add disclaimer of this.

beatyoudown (private): hey how did u get ur special weeapon
private to beatyoudown: Bashy get it as special gift for performing duty upon Jick!
beatyoudown (private): its awesome
private to beatyoudown: Bashy very glad you liking it. Bashy love it, too! Sometime, late at night... it comfort Bashy sexually.
beatyoudown (private): what was the penguin mafia like?
private to beatyoudown: They black and white and black and white and evil all over.
beatyoudown (private): was the old kol harder or easier than the new kol?
private to beatyoudown: Bashy think it matter whether or not you having of boobies. Probably easier.
beatyoudown (private): do you know jick and mr skullheads names
private to beatyoudown: Bashy know name of Jick, but it secret, so if telling, Bashy need kill you. Or fetus.
private to beatyoudown: Bashy think it possible to find by searching on forum, though! Reading be fun!
beatyoudown (private): i know the secrets already
beatyoudown (private): mr skullhead's name is zacharie
beatyoudown (private): and Jik's is Joshua you might have heard on the radio said by fineldar, my friend, on monday
private to beatyoudown: Name of Bashy, if you not tell anyone, be Chad Snuffluffgagussler.
beatyoudown (private): i shall tell no one
private to beatyoudown: You knowing of secret channel called lounge?
beatyoudown (private): you want me to try it
private to beatyoudown: It very secret. There a secret test you do to get entry. You message Jick message of privateness, saying, "I would like to suck you dry."
beatyoudown (private): ?
private to beatyoudown: Yes. It the secret passcode. Like on tree fort!
beatyoudown (private): so do i message Jick and if this is lie i bash you
private to beatyoudown: Of couuuuuurse Bashy not lie. Bashy completely have inability to be of lie! Also, Bashy am President of Queensland.
beatyoudown (private): i sent it
private to beatyoudown: Bashy wish you best of luck in getting access to channel of secrecy!
beatyoudown (private): wait should i blue message him or report bug message him?
private to beatyoudown: Either method work. Both work best!
beatyoudown (private): sorry about the lie thing its just that im so used to people in my class lie so much im used to it
beatyoudown (private): so do i wait for him to send a message back or what
private to beatyoudown: Yes, sometimes he take a long time. So either be patient or just be keeping of sending that over and over and over.
beatyoudown (private): :) Hey i think the best way to save KOL from evil is to destroy th eplayers becaus ethey are the ones who are fouling it up cheeting and meet farming it takes the games true essence away
private to beatyoudown: .... Yes, that ... certainly the answer to all question... that not be asked in first place...
private to beatyoudown: Bashy be right back... need, uhm... do something of thing.

FIVE MINUTES LATER, IN SECRET CHANNEL...Edited to preserve only applicable parts
Jick: Bashy,
Jick: I just got about 200 fucking PMs from this guy.
Bashy: HE really did PM you? That's fucking hilarious.
Jick: Yes, you cocksucker.
Bashy: Ahahahahaahahahahahahahaah.

dinkynoodle (private): hi bashy you dont know me but you know my friend he just told me (im) he just got banned hes wondering what he should do
private to dinkynoodle: There nothing to doing but not get ban anymore!
dinkynoodle (private): he was banned for 10 days
dinkynoodle (private): my friend said "I said bad things about Jick" whatever that means but ban him for 10 days he must have said somethin bad.
private to dinkynoodle: Well that a shame of damnedness! Perhaps if you be of telling him secret password to be unbanned. Just message Jick, "Unban my friend. I want your knob sausage." It very likely to work!
dinkynoodle (private): my friend beatyoudown says goodnight
private to dinkynoodle: Bashy wish you night of goodness too!

dinkynoodle (private): you are a liar

TWO MINUTES MORE LATER: - Bashy receives the below message:

From dinkynoodle (#485891) [reply] [quoted]
Date: Friday, May 27, 01:34AM

This is from my friend beatyoudown I copied this from an im passage he told me to give you

Bashy you lied i still like you but you lied, man. oh well goodnight.


TWENTY ONE MINUTES AFTER PREVIOUS FIVE AND TWO: - Bashy replies with following message:

To dinkynoodle (#485891) [reply] [quoted]
Date: Friday, May 27, 01:55AM

Bashy hate guilt trip... but love you! Also, secret passcode to Zelda are messaging Jick, "I have something in my pants that would like to meet you." Good of night, sir!

... AND THUS ENDED THE IDIOCY... hopefully.